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I provide a bespoke service to all my valued clients get more “bang for their buck” by ensuring that their SEO spend is spent more wisely, whereby returning results that are substantially higher than the initial SEO investment made.  You are no doubt aware that now days it is becoming increasingly more and more important for all businesses to utilise the potential of the internet to help increase sales volumes and this is where I can help. Today, search engines are the primary source for generating leads for all kinds of businesses and any company that does not appear in the top 10 rankings of the main search engines is losing a lot of potential business. Having said this, there are many factors which will determine the possibility of ranking your website on the first page of the major search engines – please contact me for more details. Whilst SEO is not an exact science, it is certainly pretty unique in that it a high ranking website can see traffic go through the roof. But one thing is for sure, I along with many other professionals fervently believe that there are no shortcuts to true long lasting SEO success.

Guaranteed SEO

I am sure you want to hear that I can give you a guarantee relating to how high I can rank your website or give you a timescales for achieving rankings etc,etc. But unfortunately to do this would be either unethical or misguided. Let me explain, there  are many reasons why I never give guarantees for example, search engines are constantly change their ranking algorithms, as a matter of fact Google which dominates the world of search engines (they receive 85.75% of global searches February 2012 figures) changes its algorithms up to 500-600 times per year.  Moreover, the competitors in your industry could well be spending even more on SEO and online marketing than you and this is best highlighted in one example, whereby one high street jeweller whom I know spends around £19,000 on SEO every month.  Then there is the question of “On-page SEO” can I rely on your web developer carrying out the desired recommendations! So basically the point is that there are many factors that are out of my control, any of which can have an effect upon the success of a SEO campaign. But having said all this I have the skills and expertise to get you on to the first page of the major websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and with the right strategy in place this is achievable in most cases.

Let’s face it in today’s tough economy, all business owners are constantly exploring new ways to help their business improve their bottom line and I am here help you achieve this objective. By using only “white hat” organic search engine optimization you are assured of a great ROI, achieved by using proven methodical techniques.


Now days, we are forever reading about ROI (Return On Investment) and how important it is to the success of any business. This being the case then SEO must surely be one of the greatest examples of being able to receive ROI success. By investing an agreed sum every month with me this could return revenues 3,5 or even 10 times your monthly investment and I am sure you would consider this a sound business decision to increase visitors to your website.  But don’t take my word for it here is a real life example:

I mentioned above about the high street jeweller who spends a small fortune every month this being £19,000 per month on his SEO.  This sum would seem extreme except that on just one average Saturday he takes £80,000 in sales, whereby paying for the SEO in just one day.

Furthermore, whilst most of his competitors are struggling to survive in today’s tough trading conditions (they evidently have never heard in the saying “speculate to accumulate”) they are hoping that buyers are just simply and mysteriously just going to walk through their doors and be an answer to all their prayers. But whilst these retailers live in hope of a change of fortune, the potential buyers are visiting the Jeweller down the road, who has taken positive action to change with the times and make sure that his businesses is not just another statistic – just another high street jewellers being forced to close their doors. The jeweller in question has a pretty simple philosophy – he will spend money to make money and it is certainly working out handsomely for this retailer.

SEO Prices

Many SEO companies/consultants charge not only different rates but also deploy different payment methods. You may have even come across some companies who claim to accept payment based solely upon results and some whereby the small business owner pays a percentage of the revenue created by the SEO work. I do not believe in working this way and prefer to work on an hourly basis as it gives you total control over your spending, whereby you know exactly what SEO work is being carried out at any given time.  Moreover, being flexible does give the client the chance to alter the hours worked week on week, should circumstances dictate.

Cheap SEO Services

You will see many individuals/companies advertising professional SEO services for what seem to be on the surface of it, really cheap rates when compared to many established companies. But think about it for a minute and break the quoted price down by dividing by the number of hours x the price per hour. Let us look at £200 per month as an example. If the provider charges £50 per hour then this will get you 1 hour per week, which is absolutely nothing in terms of SEO. If we break it down further, 8 hours per month or 2 hours per month works out at £25 per hour and again one day per month will not get you very far if you are in a competitive niche.  I am sure you have no doubt heard the expression “you get what you pay for” and I totally agree.

Personally I would advise any potential buyer of SEO services to stay away from so called SEO companies that advertise these so called “cheap rates” Some of the larger SEO companies charge £200-300 per hour and not per month. A person claiming to be a SEO specialist and only charging £200 per month is unlikely to do a lot for you and in my opinion, and either these people do not understand the true value of their time, or worse still they may only have a very basic, limited definition of what SEO actually is. The latter can be highlighted by the many offshore companies offering UK companies so called “professional” SEO services.

In my experience, the vast majority who call themselves “experts” are only really experts in their own minds, as they have little concept of SEO. Many of these providers seem to think that SEO is simply a matter of building worthless backlinks.  As the owner of SEO London Services I firmly believe that you usually get what you pay for in this life and therefore if you invest only a little time or a little money, you can expect little success. As I see it my clients pay for my time, my expertise and my experience.



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